About us

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Maines Salon is a boutique salon in Santa Paula, California. Maines is a family name of the owner Sydney, it was her great-great-grandmothers maiden name.

We pride ourselves in quality of product, quality of our practices, and quality of our people. Our hope is to make each of our clients feel cared for when they walk in the door, and confident when they walk out.

What is important to us?


We pride ourselves in exclusively using products and techniques that are ideal for your hair type, keeping your hair happy and healthy from the day you leave here, until your next visit.


Our team of trained and experienced stylist are constantly investing in learning new ways to better care for our clients. We give all of our clients the tools they need to maintain their style and get the most out of each trip to the salon.


When you walk through those doors, you are welcomed into our Maines Salon family. We pride ourselves in making everyone who sits in one of our chairs feel known and cared for, in and out of the salon.